Separately Managed Accounts

Our separately managed account programs allow individual investors with direct access to global investment managers, many of whom were once only available to institutional investors.

Separate Accounts (SMA)

  • Investor enjoys direct ownership of securities in the portfolio allowing for greater control, more flexibility, and tax advantages over other investment vehicles
  • Ideal for clients seeking long-term, customized approach to investment planning

Advisor Directed Unified Managed Account (UMA)

  • Combines investment expertise of experience asset managers in multiple investment programs into a single portfolio
  • Delivers the benefits of traditional SMA account models, mutual funds, and ETFs in a single diversified portfolio
  • Diversification – gradual rebalancing in an effort to avoid potentially poorly-timed shifts
  • Comprehensive performance reporting

Multi-Manager Account (MMA)

  • Combines the investment expertise of two or more experienced asset managers into a single portfolio
  • Diversification – one lead portfolio manager keeps the portfolio in balance with a particular asset allocation strategy
  • Comprehensive performance reporting

Representative as Portfolio Manager

  • Advisors develop and manage a unique investment strategy tailored to meet the goals and objectives of their clients
  • The investment plan is designed to fit within the individual clients’ risk tolerance